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Divorce attorneys are retained frequently in Virginia. Many men and women decide to call it quits on their marriage for various reasons. Divorces are difficult no matter what the situation is, however, domestic abuse victims face an even more challenging reality when they decide to cut ties with their abusive spouse.

The sad reality is that many women are fatally murdered at the hands of their intimate partners. A recent study reveals that each year approximately 1,000 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends. Not only does it take an extreme amount of courage to speak up and tell your close friends and family, but also to seek the legal power necessary to unhinge you from your abuser.

Why Abused Women Fear Divorce

The fear of harsh retaliation from their husbands is real. It is almost easier for some people to endure the trauma, avoiding conflict than to sound the alarm by seeking a divorce. Many women are afraid of what their husbands will do to them and their children if they seek a way out of the marriage. There are often threats of never seeing their children again, being financially ruined, and even death.

Financial Dependence and Lack of Outside Support

Working with a lawyer is difficult. These women do not want to raise suspicion until they are somewhere safe and have a plan of escape already in place. Oftentimes, women are already financially dependent on their abusive husbands. They are given money that is strictly monitored, making it hard to directly pay for legal fees. In addition, they do not know if they will be able to financially take care of themselves and any children involved. Abused wives also need a strong outside support system to catch them when the marriage is finally.

There is hope for abused wives seeking a divorce. It helps to have a lawyer who understands the seriousness of domestic abuse and how to merge that with divorce proceedings. All matters related to someone's personal safety require sensitivity and diligence when managing. There is hope for a better future, one strong step at a time.