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Three ways to avoid citations related to aggressive driving

A long commute can add stress to anybody’s life. However, it is important to prevent your stress from manifesting as road rage or aggressive driving. These behaviors can risk the health and safety of you and others on the road, while also risking severe criminal penalties.


Virginia Parents: Discussing controlled substances with your teen

Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially when it comes to dealing with teenagers. At this point in their lives, it might seem like information overload when a parent shares everything they can about privacy, safety, education and just overall life lessons. However, it is important to convey to your teen the dangers of being related to drug activities, because this one will influence and may blunder their future.

Most parents and guardians may feel uncomfortable talking to their adolescent or teenager about drugs, but it is necessary to do so. Kids need to know the dangers of drugs and the legal repercussions that can follow a drug charge.

5 Common traffic ticket myths

We’ve all had that one friend brag about getting out of a ticket because the officer made a mistake, but does that really happen?

As it turns out, seemingly common knowledge around traffic tickets can be misinformed. Here are some of the most common traffic ticket anecdotes that are completely false:

Marijuana charges: What you need to know

Marijuana laws are evolving and changing around the country. However, it is still illegal to possess marijuana both in Virginia and on the federal level. Bills in the Virginia General Assembly to legalize marijuana and decriminalize its possession have failed to garner the necessary votes multiple times, most recently in March 2019.

Though certain marijuana-derived oils are legal with a prescription, possession of marijuana can still have serious consequences.

The state suspended my driver's license. What now?

Losing your Virginia driver's license is no joke. When your license is suspended, you can't drive under any circumstances. You can't drive to work. You can't drive to get your children from school.

There are several circumstances that can result in the suspension of your license. Here are a couple:

Why divorce is harder for domestic abuse victims

Divorce attorneys are retained frequently in Virginia. Many men and women decide to call it quits on their marriage for various reasons. Divorces are difficult no matter what the situation is, however, domestic abuse victims face an even more challenging reality when they decide to cut ties with their abusive spouse.

The sad reality is that many women are fatally murdered at the hands of their intimate partners. A recent study reveals that each year approximately 1,000 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends. Not only does it take an extreme amount of courage to speak up and tell your close friends and family, but also to seek the legal power necessary to unhinge you from your abuser.

What qualifies as reckless driving in Virginia?

If you are pulled over by law enforcement for driving over the speed limit, there is no ambiguity over what type of infraction you may have committed. As straightforward as a possible speeding ticket is to understand, the same cannot be said for reckless driving.

Let's face it, someone's reckless driving is another's regular commute. Reckless driving can be objective, but it can also be deadly.

Hidden costs come with a speeding ticket

When most people think about the consequences of a speeding ticket, they think of the fine that may be associated with the ticket. However, speeding tickets come with hidden costs as well.

In Virginia, a speeding ticket fine could be $6, $7 or $8 for each mile-per-hour you were driving over the speed limit. If you choose to pay the fine associated with your ticket, you will be charged a processing fee, which can be around $60, but may vary based on where in the state you were caught speeding. If you use a credit or debit card to pay your fine, you may be subject to a 4 percent convenience fee.

Driving with a suspended license: consequences?

If law enforcement suspends or revokes your license, it can be a pain to try and find alternate transportation to work, the grocery store or even a friend’s house. Because of this, you may find yourself tempted to continue driving without a license.

Even though driving with a suspended license is illegal, some choose to do it. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that around 30 percent of drivers with a suspended license commit a moving violation during the time of suspension. What are the consequences for this offense?

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