Police officer talking to woman in car


We've all had that one friend brag about getting out of a ticket because the officer made a mistake, but does that really happen?

As it turns out, seemingly common knowledge around traffic tickets can be misinformed. Here are some of the most common traffic ticket anecdotes that are completely false:

Red Cars Are Most Ticketed

Believe it or not, there's no hard evidence to back up the belief that red cars see the most traffic tickets. While the bolder colors stand out to everyone, law enforcement included, no one has been able to prove that red cars are more likely to be ticketed.

Speeding is acceptable while passing

Many drivers swear by the passing defense when contesting a ticket, but it's probably not going to hold up in court. Passing a car does not give a driver permission to speed, no matter how much they claim it was necessary.

Speeding Is Acceptable While Passing

If everyone around you is driving five over the speed limit, you may feel safe in doing the same. Unfortunately, if a police officer decides to single you out for a ticket, the flow of traffic is not going to cut it as a defense. Speeding is speeding, and even if everyone is doing it, there can still be punishments.

Most Police Departments Don't Have Ticket Quotas

Some people think the chance of being ticketed goes up the closer you get to the end of the month. That isn't usually the case. Many police departments have little to no quota incentive for their officers. For ones that do, they likely are low enough that their officers aren't scrambling to meet it by the last week of the month.

If the Officer Doesn't Show in Court, You're in the Clear

Sometimes drivers will appeal a ticket just on the hope the officer will not waste time appearing in court. They wrongly believe that if an officer doesn't appear, they will be off the hook. However, in many instances, the officer doesn't have to appear in court unless you appeal the initial hearing.

Fighting Traffic Tickets

There's a reason these myths continue to exist: everyone wants an easy way out of a ticket. The impacts of traffic tickets can last for years via higher insurance and points on your license.

If you're facing a ticket, speaking with an attorney can be a great first step towards finding a strategy that works.