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When most people think about the consequences of a speeding ticket, they think of the fine that may be associated with the ticket. However, speeding tickets come with hidden costs as well.

In Virginia, a speeding ticket fine could be $6, $7 or $8 for each mile-per-hour you were driving over the speed limit. If you choose to pay the fine associated with your ticket, you will be charged a processing fee, which can be around $60 but may vary based on where in the state you were caught speeding. If you use a credit or debit card to pay your fine, you may be subject to a 4 percent convenience fee.

You should expect to pay an increase in your insurance premium after you have paid your fine, and depending on the rest of your driving record, your license could be suspended or revoked, which would result in additional fees.

A Forbes article pointed out that people’s driving patterns when speeding can lead to poor gas mileage and, therefore, additional money spent at the pump. While that may seem like the least of your worries after a speeding ticket, if you are regularly prone to speeding, those costs can add up over time.

Avoiding the Consequences

The best way to avoid all the consequences of a speeding ticket is to drive the speed limit. However, if you slip up, you may not want to pay the speeding ticket right away. This is because by paying the ticket, you are admitting guilt and waiving your right to appear in court. In many cases, you can fight the speeding ticket instead.

You may be able to get your speeding ticket dismissed if you notice a significant error on the ticket, such as time of day or location of the incident. The case may also be dismissed if the officer does not show up to the hearing. You can increase the odds of this happening is you reschedule the court hearing for another day.

If your case does not get dismissed, you may still be able to fight the ticket if the radar gun that was used to clock your speed was not recently calibrated by a trained officer, or if you think the officer may have mistaken your car for a similar-looking vehicle that was speeding near you.

Speeding tickets can be much more expensive than people realize. While it can be difficult to successfully challenge a speeding ticket in court, there are times when it may be the most appropriate action to avoid the steep costs that are associated with it.